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NOT TRUSTWORTHY! FRUADULENT PRACTICES! POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! DOESN"T HONOR THEIR CONTRACTS! UNFAIR PRACTVES AND TREATMENT OF MINORITIES! LACK OF RESPECT FOR BLACK CUSTOMERS AND SALESMAN!! Wait before you say “their pulling the race card read on!”I am truly disappointed with the treatment and services of the GSM at this store. Not only did he sell a car from under us his mannerism in front of the other customers and sales staff was despicable!!! My husband (A Black Man) had a contract for a 2004 Jaguar X-Type. He was purchasing the car as a dealer trade with a salesman (A Black Man) from the Toyota of Naperville store. The contract was processed and all of the documents were in place last week, Tuesday. The full purchase of the car was transferred by our credit union to the Lexus of Naperville Dealership this Tuesday. Our salesman confirmed the funding, contacted us to pick up the car and had the car sent back for detailing. Nothing left to do but pick up the car right? WRONG!!

Upon arrival to the store the GSM (A White Man) was allowing someone else (A White Woman) to drive OUR CAR! When the salesman and my husband inquired the GSM, not a regular frontline salesman, the GSM noted he had sold the car to someone else. Even after it was explained and verified many times that our contract was put in place the week prior and the funds (for the full cost) had been there since noon the GSM made NO EFFORT to make good on the deal! It was also noted by our salesman that the new customer had not completed any documentation to purchase the car. The GSM very arrogantly indicated "Well, you weren't here by 5:30pm." To make matters worse the female customer echoed the GMS’smug sentiments saying "Well, their loss my gain!" At which time the other tacky salesman (White Males/Females) looking on grinned and made comments to each other. Our salesman attempted several times to engage the GSM in a private conversation in an office or simply off to the side as it was becoming a spectacle. The GSM continuously refused noting there being nothing to discuss. His attitude was very antagonizing and demeaning!! His lack of respect for my husband and his peer was outrageous!! Even Ray Charles could see this was some BS. The exchange became so heated that the police had to be called to calm the situation. Our salesman attempted to contact the owner without success. I’m sure the two brother that own theses two stores will not be happy as we are loyal customers and have purchased several cars from them. It is a sad day in America when the GSM, the person responsible for setting the example at the dealership, is a discriminate ( a person that practices the unfair treatment of others due to his own bias).

Is it the race card or fact? Was the lack of consideration because we are Black? I mean even in the midst of the heated argument the GSM and the staff catered to the White Female customer. She was reassured numerous times that she would be able to purchase the car. She was offered a seat in the office and something to drink while she waited. Was the issue one of jealousy because our salesman (Black) is the number one salesman in the Naperville area (predominantly White) selling 28 cars during the “recession period” while many of the other salesman can barely sell 5? Was it disgust that this Proud Black man from Harvey (predominantly low-income Blacks) was not the typical stereotype? Or , was it too much of a shock to the GMS’system to see our car being paid in full by one of the highest ranked credit unions (Yes! We have good jobs!) , our A+ credit score and my husband walking into the store looking like new money? Or, was it that our salesman proved to articulate as he began to quote the dealers policy and rationale regarding why the car was ours?

What the @$#^&(#%&**^((&() kind of inconsiderate, dishonest, shady, flim-flam organization are they running at Lexus of Naperville??? But rest assured this is far from over, the owners, the BBB, the media, the blogs and everyone else will surely hear about this!! It’s 2008! ALL PEOPLE should be treated with respect and dignity! If you also, believe that ALL PEOPLE should be treated the same DO NOT BUY FROM LEXUS OF NAPERVILLE!!!!!!!

Out of consideration names have not been revealed as this is now a legal matter.

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Yep, all of the worlds problems are due to racism...from Ebola to your internet being too slow...give me a freaking break...there is undoubtedly more to this story than what we're reading here!


Well, how about buying American? I understand that you complain about your own personal little problems, but why not check out the bigger picture?

You place the whole case on a "blacks being victimized by prejudiced whites", maybe with reason, but have you ever considered the thousands of black auto workers being laid off while people like you buy jap or korean cars? You're hurting more blacks, driving them towards unemployment & welfare, ruining their families, pushing some towards crime to keep supporting their families; at the end, promoting the kind of prejudice against blacks you're complaining about today. Buying American is supporting the US economy, and helping your fellow citizens keep their jobs. Not caring is akin to saying "F**k everybody else here!

They can all go to ***!" So maybe think about that before you complain about people not treating you the way you'd wish...

P.S. I hope, for the sake of this country, you don't vote.

Maldonado, Maldonado, Uruguay #94224

I can't believe the new owners of the vehicle were so rude about it too!!!! It reminds me of a little child budging in the school's hot lunch line!

MY GOSH! Ridiculous. Not sure how they were raised, but it is far from how I grew up. I used to live in Naperville.

Good thing I don't still or I'd head right on over there and kick some a$$!!!!!!!! (by the way, i'm white)

Better luck w/ your next purchse (NOT from Lexus of Naperville!!!!)


please sent me your information . i also do have a case and could help with the legal matters.



well i ussed to treated the same way there and you are right about race card. they do use it a lot. i am glad that some of you seen how bad they are treating people and only monney matter for the GSM and managers.

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