Was treaded so unfair and new care sales manager Michael Lee in tampa was the most RUDE sale manager.Was the most terrible ecperience and they say they are passionate to their customers! Mr.Michael Lee needs customer service classes.I left Lexus ot Tampa with a very bad expercience on Thursday June 29th can't believe mr.Lee was so nasty and rude to my husband can not believe Lexus of Tampa Bay has mr.Lee as a Sales Manager never took the extra time to come out and talk to me about why or what I need to complete the car sale mr.Lee just said no deal because his employee made a bad mistake so me the comsumer got sent away for his employees mistake so sad a customer with good credit and wanted so bad to own a lexus soso sad.

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This is hilarious! The poor grammar is killing me!

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #661747

I had a bad experience with Tampa bay service.


Mr. Anonymous,

Please do not insist the necessity of others getting a basic education when you cannot even spell "grammar" correctly, nor does it seem like you know the difference between "your" and "you're". I have two vehicles from Lexus of Tampa Bay, and from my experience, every single professional at that site is courteous and extremely knowledgeable about their products and services. Of course you have the free will to do whatever you may please, but if I were you, I would shut my mouth and stop spreading complaints because you do not seem like you know anything about a good business who values its customers. I give Lexus of Tampa Bay a 5-star rating.

By the way, Mike Lee is probably the most courteous employee they have!


I also bought my car from Lexus of Tampa Bay. The sales experience was good, no issues. The service department, however, needs a lesson in humility. No one, not even the service advisors or manager would tolerate being treated the way they treat their customers.

I finally bought my dream car as a birthday gift for myself. Now, I am paying for a car that I have had in for the same issues to be repaired 4 times. The CD player is once again broken, and not Lexus of Tampa Bay nor Lexus Corp will fix the CD player (again). The only thing we can do as consumers is simply do not buy another Lexus. After a while, they will realize the buyers are no more. That will give them a whole lot of nothing. So, just say NO to Lexus. I have.

Oh, and thank you Lexus for a Lousy Lexus Experience.


Mr. Nerdlinger, let's talk about grammer because by the looks of it your the one in need of a basic education.

I know you are the manager I had issues with. You are nothing, but a car sales man, what degree do you need for that? Ooh, I forgot you just need to be a liar. I got my car and your the unprofessional *** who didn't get the commission.

It's a shame you are represting our City of Tampa. You come across as a sexist and racist individual.

Thank you to Sarasotas dealership for their kindness and respecting their customers. Anyone who reads this, if you would like any kind of respect do not go to Lexus of Tampa Bay


Wow! Pretty sad


Wow change my mine about going to lexus

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